Whare Toi – Kerr St Artspace

Whare Toi (formerly Kerr St Artspace) is nestled on the side of Maunga Takarunga (Mount Victoria), the largest of the North Shore volcanic cones and one of 14 in Auckland now under the care of the Te Puna Maunga Authority.  Depot Artspace has been kaitiaki/caretaker of Whare Toi since 2003.  Depot staff also have had a significant association with the facility since 1984 when, as Devonport Community House, recreation and employment programmes were run for rangatahi/ young people. In July 2018, Kerr St Artspace was re-named Whare Toi on the occasion of Maunga Takarunga’s transfer to Te Puna Maunga Authority. This name signifies our relationship with the Maunga Authority, honours our attachment to the maunga and connects with the Depot’s mantra ‘creating an environment that encourages creating’.

We are aware that tangata whenua and many who live on the Devonport Peninsula find solace in the presence of the maunga and are often drawn to the summit for spiritual and emotional sustenance.  The maunga are also a source of inspiration for all artists in all disciplines, reinforcing the nature of Papatuanuku in her form as maunga, as awakening the creative.

Whare Toi is available as a venue for classes, workshops, seminars, meetings and performances. Currently the following activities are held in the venue:


Devonport Drama Thursday 3.30 – 7pm: a boutique youth theatre (ages 7 to 18) Teacher Geoff Allen. 

As a writer, he creates parts specifically for the needs of students. No more standing onstage waiting for a single line – everyone gets his or her moment.  Geoff also structures a lesson around the needs of a student or students. Students learn a craft as well as respect for themselves and the others they perform with alongside.



Beautiful Noise Thursday 7.30 – 9.30 pm.

A community choir for women only- women who love to sing! Our mission statement says we provide an environment for women who love to sing contemporary songs in a non-judgmental, fun, and relaxed environment, regardless of musical experience, training, or ability. Beautiful Noise exists purely for the joy of singing and the love of cake! Contact Maria Cantrell at moc.l1580204868iamg@1580204868llert1580204868nacai1580204868ram.z1580204868n1580204868 or 021800396 or Caz Kelly at 021315505 and come sing with us!


Travel Sketching with Tony McNeight.

Tuesdays and Saturdays Tony is a well-known creative, graphic designer and teacher. He is also an exhibiting artist and a dedicated travel sketcher. Tony runs the 10 week 3 hour art courses on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Each week he takes his participants through a programme of foundation skills with the simple ‘Erin Hill method’ until they become confident and passionate travel sketchers.



 L’Ecole de Danse Mondays and Fridays 3.30 – 8.30

Classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary are taught by qualified and highly experienced teachers in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment. Eriko Finlay started L’Ecole de Danse in 2006 with the drive to share the love and passion she has for dancing with the children in the Devonport community.


Brain Booster Workshops Last Sunday each month 10 – 3

Brain Booster Workshops are designed to break down our private and personal safety-net barriers using a number of adventurous and creative tasks, this enables us to take risks and experiment with unpredictable mediums and subjects while re-evaluating the reason of doing and having a great time while we are there.

The artist shares a wealth of experiences that will tap into our fundamental self-assessment ideas and force the participant to explore, expose, share and laugh through the challenging processes. This workshop is not about creating pretty pictures or establishing oneself as an artist; it focuses on the ability to develop and advance; to loosen ideas from constrictions and to open the mind to alternative options. moc.l1580204868iamg@1580204868980ny1580204868bor.n1580204868osbig1580204868


Cold Wax Workshops Friday 17 & Saturday 18 January 2020 (two days ONLY)

Do you want to paint in layers with a fast-drying medium that allows you to paint, draw, carve and create textured surfaces?  Cold wax medium (CWM) allows you to do all this and more. CWM is a versatile medium that, when mixed with paint or pigment can create vibrancy and patina, translucence and opacity in your paintings. There will be two separate workshops to suit attendees’ availability.  The first is on Friday 17 January and runs from 10-2pm. The second is on Saturday 18 January and also runs from 10-2pm. Contact: Janet at moc.l1580204868iamg@1580204868reine1580204868zam.t1580204868enaj1580204868 to enrol.


Whare Toi is available for hire  short and  long term. 

Please contact Vikki zn.oc1580204868.ecap1580204868strat1580204868oped@1580204868balst1580204868ra1580204868 or phone 09 9632328 for further information

A condition of use is that the facility and immediate outside area is a Smoke and Alcohol Free Zone 

Whare Toi has two spaces, each with a superb view over the harbour to the city:

  • The main hall with 40 chairs and tables with great acoustics and view. Rental casual $25/ hr, long term $20 /hr inc GST
  • Work and Meeting Room with 12 chairs and tables Rental casual $30/ hr, long term $25/hr
  • A kitchenette and lounge area separates the hall and meeting room