ArtsLab is a creative, innovative and effective professional development and career guidance service for artists across all sectors. Previously known as PACE (Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment), for 16 years ArtsLab has worked in the creative sector to provide career guidance, job seeking advice, mentoring support and professional development workshops, with the outcomes of employment, self-sustainability and a more resilient creative economy.



ArtsLab recognises the value of creative people to the economic, cultural and social fabric of Aotearoa New Zealand.
ArtsLab supports artists to develop their creative practice and to gain financial independence and has developed a motivating, challenging programme which offers:

  • Tools to achieve lifelong personal and creative goals.
  • Career guidance and assistance in gaining employment
  • One-to-one mentoring from practising creative professionals in your field.
  • Workshops to assist your personal and professional development.
  • Practical assistance to develop a strong personal creative brand.

Programme Outline

  • Job Seeking & Creative Path Workshop: Set goals, plan how and when you will achieve them, make significant improvements to your job applications and build confidence in your ability to network and perform well in job interviews.
  • Business of Arts Workshop: “The Beginners Guide to” bookeeping, tax, GST, costing, pricing budgeting and running a small business enterprise.
  • Social Media Workshop: Enter the world of Social Media! Explore all the possible ways you can use social media to promote yourself as an artist, develop your social media strategy, network with influential people and get your work out there!
  • Creative Industry Mentoring: Inspiration and practical guidance from industry professionals that allow you to make real steps towards achieving your goals.
  • Joblab: Weekly support and encouragement with your ongoing job seeking.

What programme participants have to say about ArtsLab:

“I have nothing to say but good words about ArtsLab and their staff, and truly appreciate all that they have done for me. Each week I attended, I felt like I’d walked away with more confidence. I was helped through the entire process of finding a job; from organising my portfolio, sorting out my CVs, getting advice on job searching, analysing job advertisements, learning how to write great cover letters, cold-calling prospective employers, doing mock-interviews, workshops on social media, plus a workshop on budgeting and tax info for the self-employed: all giving me invaluable skills that I will hold onto for life. But apart from all of these great benefits, I was able to spend hours every week in the company of other like-minded job seekers (and some who have now become good friends), giving me even more incentive to find work. And along with the staff who were always encouraging, friendly and happy to listen as well as give out advice, I found my experience in JobLab not only productive but really enjoyable. Therefore I really recommend their services to anyone who needs that extra push to get them on the right track of finding work” – Past ArtsLab Participant, Graphic Designer


“I feel that I benefited greatly from my time on the Artslab programme. I was finding the process of job hunting to be quite daunting however not only was the team able to help me set goals and build my confidence by providing me with a set of skills and methods that I could utilise when applying to jobs but also were also very supportive when I encountered any problems which definitely helped me to stay motivated. Furthermore through the programme I was able to meet other people in my industry which opened up possibilities for employment that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. For these reasons I would highly recommend the programme to anyone in a creative field that needs some help with their job hunt.” Past ArtsLab Participant, Web Developer


“It is hard after you graduate from art school. It almost feels like you are left alone. When I graduated, I had few ideas but didn’t know exactly what to do and where to start. When you don’t have specific things to do it’s easy to get depressed and lose your belief in your own work. As I attended meetings and the workshop I slowly gained confidence. ArtsLab did not only teach me how to get out in the real world but encouraged me personally and helped me to believe in what I was doing. ArtsLab supported me in every aspect and covered my weakness. ArtsLab is the transition place between the art school and the real world. Things that you should know, but are not taught at art school are covered by ArtsLab. I was lucky to be part of ArtsLab programme.” – Past ArtsLab Participant, Visual Artist


If you would like to find out how to access the ArtsLab programme please email zn.oc1560746167.ecap1560746167strat1560746167oped@1560746167balst1560746167ra1560746167 or call us on 09 963 2328

Depot Artspace, located at 28 Clarence St in Devonport, is the venue for meetings with your ArtsLab Career Consultant.
Whare Toi – Kerr St Artspace, on the access road to Devonport’s Mt Victoria (Takarunga), is the venue for the ArtsLab workshops. There is parking outside the building or it’s just a seven minute walk from the ferry terminal.