Rewa Walia: Abducted

Abducted explores the possibility of the blurring of cultural identities and a newly formed universal identity which everyone can relate to, by adapting the old New Zealand icons, and fusing them with the global icons of the digital world.

Wilson Family: Drawn to Paint

Devonport local Scott Wilson returns to the Depot along with his daughters Leah and Erica for their first family exhibition, Drawn to Paint, which explores and celebrates the natural environment and its interconnection with humanity.

Robyn Gibson: Solace in Familiar Things

Solace in Familiar Things explores our self-indulgent consumerist society where the products designed for an apparently innocent domestic market are often, ironically, the source of human suffering.

Jacqueline Macleod: Memory for $ale

Jacqueline Macleod’s focus on the effects of digital media within female identity challenges our reliance on and captivation with technology.

NZ Herald Letter to the Editor – Youth Suicide Awareness

In February this year we launched The Roaring Silence, a book about suicide awareness, comprising of contributions from 79 artists, writers, poets, and a few professionals from all generations and backgrounds. It collectively communicates the message that life is both dark and bright and that none of us is immune from times of shadow.

Last week, Linda wrote a letter to the New Zealand Herald in response to their latest special series – Break the Silence, an investigative look at  youth suicide in New Zealand.

Below is a copy of her letter from the July 14th newspaper, and here is the link to the Break the Silence series in the New Zealand Herald.

If you are interested in learning more about The Roaring Silence visit http://www.depotpress.co.nz/2017/02/27/the-roaring-silence-book-launch/ or to order a copy ($30.00 RRP) email: zn.oc1531744954.ecap1531744954strat1531744954oped@1531744954gnow.1531744954xuagr1531744954am1531744954 

Umbrella: Estranged

From a group of recent Whitecliffe MFA graduates called Umbrella, ‘Estranged’ is an exhibition that expresses how we identify in a world of change

Fairburn Rocks

An exhibition of rare rock drawing panels hand-blocked onto fabric by the Devonport poet and artist A.R.D. Fairburn in the 1950s.

To and Fro – curated by Jermaine Reihana

A group exhibition showcasing and promoting a diverse array of painting practices by emerging artists situated in West Auckland, curated by Jermaine Reihana with works by Numa Mackenzie, Kenneth Merrick, Mandy Patmore, Michael Prosee and Jermaine Reihana.

Escape Artists

A group exhibition of paintings and multimedia works by local artists who have worked in the advertising industry, the opening will feature an Art Auction in support of Suicide Prevention with artworks kindly donated by the artists, opening Saturday 3 September, 2pm start.

Escape Artists promo image