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2019 Depot Gallery Exhibition & Event Call Out


This call out is for those interested in exhibiting in our Depot Gallery or who wish to run an event i.e. a book launch, a series of creative workshops, an art class.

For the Depot Gallery 2019 programme we invite:


  • Exhibitions and Events that build community and create opportunities for individuals to work together, increasing individual wellbeing, environmental and social justice.


  • Exhibitions and Events that encourage courageous leadership where artists question, take a stand, and tackle meaningful social and environmental issues.


  • Exhibitions and Events that deepen our understanding of Te Ao Māori and celebrate Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique and evolving identity.


  • Exhibitions and Events that are inclusive, people-focused, fair and welcoming to everyone, creating experiences that make a difference.


  • Exhibitions and Events that stimulate creative innovation, cutting edge art that challenges audiences, and invites interactive and engaging participation.


Download the 2019 Exhibition & Event Proposal form here.

Please return to Depot Gallery Manager Tracey Kitchingman: zn.oc1555999412.ecap1555999412strat1555999412oped@1555999412namgn1555999412ihcti1555999412k.yec1555999412art1555999412 or post to 28 Clarence St, Devonport, Auckland 0624. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please note:  While exhibition spaces in 2019 are now limited, we would still value hearing from you as from time to time spaces become available and opportunities open up.


The Art Room


As part of our continued effort to provide exhibition opportunities for our members, we have created The Art Room which artists may exhibit in year-round. Members may apply to exhibit in The Art Room for a 3 month period through a simple application process. You can download an Art Room application form here. 


Please ensure you thoroughly read the criteria and conditions for exhibiting at the Depot before applying and email it to our Gallery Manager Tracey Kitchingman: zn.oc1555999412.ecap1555999412strat1555999412oped@1555999412namgn1555999412ihcti1555999412k.yec1555999412art1555999412



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