Our Team


Linda Blincko  Depot Artspace Creative Director



“When we set up the Depot in 1996  we were part of a smaller North Shore city, conservative, yes, but accessible and more easily held to account, and the arts were at least acknowledged as essential to  community wellbeing. These days they take a back seat in this Supercity hemorrhaging dollars into the Auckland Harbour as Team NZ exemplifies the value placed on sport and the CBD as hub of this visitor attraction.


This may seem an unrelated rave but as creative coordinator, emphasising sustainability and community development, I’m involved in finding creative solutions to the twin phenomena of a shrinking creative purse and a globalised focus. It’s challenging but still possible to make a difference. Read my bit on Arts in Action, Eating Big Fish.”



Robyn Gibson  Gallery Curator & Techician


Robyn oversees all exhibitions in the galleries. She offers advice to artists in regard to pricing and other issues that may arise to do with the overall display of their work. Robyn is also an artist, you can view her work here.

Jermaine Reihana – Kaitakawaenga Māori (Māori Liaison)


“I’ve had the privilege of being brought up on an urban Marae in a total emersion Māori school where we were entrusted with the revitalisation of Te Reo Māori.


My role with the Depot whānau enables a platform for me to share and facilitate the use of Te Reo Māori which is contextualised by tikanga and deepens our understanding of an intrinsic Māori world view as New Zealanders.”

Angela Murray – Creative Employment Consultant



“My role is to assist clients to achieve their short and long term creative career goals. I use my creative coaching skills to help clients develop their job search strategy, CV writing skills and interview techniques.  


As a visual artist I know finding meaningful work in the creative sector can sometimes be a long game, so helping clients support themselves, whilst they continue to develop their creative passion is extremely rewarding.”


Lynn Lawton  Depot Artspace Manager & Careers Lab Consultant



“I joined the Depot in 2003 working initially in the PACE programme as a mentor and employment facilitator for artists. This amazing creative and supportive place has provided me with opportunity to develop professionally, take on new responsibilities and gain an ever expanding appreciation for the arts and our cultural heritage.


Today my role as manager of the Depot’s overall operation is to support our team across all the creative initiatives, programmes and services we provide and to keep the organisational wheels turning smoothly.”

Dave Rhodes  Depot Sound Studio Manager, Engineer & Producer



“I grew up in a musical family. I used to go to sleep with my parents band practicing right next to my bedroom. When I was 13 I started to learn to play the drums, at 15 I joined my parents’ rock’n’roll covers band. My first studio experience was when I was about 12 and I spent a few days in a studio while Dad was recording a bluegrass album with his friend Paul Trenwith. The whole experience intrigued me, from the tape machines to the flashing lights and sound.


After 20 plus years working in various studios, with a huge range of musicians and projects, I now manage Depot Sound. As well as looking after the day to day running of the studio, I enjoy working with artists and musicians of all skill and experience levels and helping them get the best out of their recording projects.”


Natali Rojas – Gallery Coordinator



“Hola, Kia Ora! My name is Natali and I am a Colombian/Kiwi. My background is in cultural community development, and I am passionate about promoting inclusive and resilient communities through the arts. As the Gallery Coordinator at the Depot, I run the exhibitions programme, and support artists in the development of their creative projects.


This role is a meaningful opportunity to work with an inspiring team of people including our amazing volunteers, and contribute to my local community. I look forward to meeting you all when you come to see us at the Depot!”


Anusha Bhana – Media & Promotions Coordinator



“I’ve searched far and wide for a role that encompasses all of my passions; art, music, creative practice, social change and storytelling. My role allows me the freedom to unveil and listen to people’s stories, whether it be artist, musician, writer or work colleague and share those stories with the wider community using creative digital and non-digital tools.


Storytelling is innately human. Without stories we miss opportunities to create meaning and understanding in our own lives and the lives of others. It’s my pleasure to be able to do that for the Depot.”


Jamie McEwan  Careers Lab Manager


Jamie connects with creative practitioners to guide and accelerate them towards achieving their goals, from those wanting to generate income with their creative work to those looking to find a pathway towards personal progress.


In addition to supporting and empowering creatives, Jamie is also engaged with the Depot Artspace’s many creative projects and dabbles in original music production.

Morgan Allen – Depot Sound Engineer & Producer



“After many years recording and volunteering at Depot Sound as a teenager, I’ve been happy to call the recording studio home for the past three years. My job is always changing and includes a mix of recording bands, voiceovers, producing for solo artists and mixing and mastering.


I’ve had the pleasure of performing as a musician in a number of bands over the past ten years and am deeply passionate about bringing the joy of live performance into the recording studio.”


Liesha Ward Knox – Creative Employment Consultant



“As one of the Creative Employment Consultants here at the Depot, my role is about connecting people with the tools they need to create the life they want.


I love that I get to work in an environment where I come into contact with people from every area of the arts and am constantly humbled and inspired by them.”


Vivienne Tregerthan – Admin & Accounts Coordinator



“I work across the different teams here at the Depot, managing the accounts and day-to-day administration tasks to keep everything running smoothly.


Last year, I returned to tertiary education to study Art History at the Honours level, and wrote my dissertation on Japanese American artist Roger Shimomura, who combines Ukiyo-e and Pop art styles to challenge stereotyping and racism against Asian Americans in the United States. I also did a series of volunteering and brief internships at galleries such as the Gus Fisher, Te Tuhi and the Wallace Arts Trust.


I work closely with the ArtsLab team in particular and really enjoy meeting all of the creative people that come through the programme and get into employment.”