Our Team

Linda Blincko  Depot Artspace Creative Director



“When we set up the Depot in 1996  we were part of a smaller North Shore city, conservative, yes, but accessible and more easily held to account, and the arts were at least acknowledged as essential to  community wellbeing. These days they take a back seat in this Supercity hemorrhaging dollars into the Auckland Harbour as Team NZ exemplifies the value placed on sport and the CBD as hub of this visitor attraction.


This may seem an unrelated rave but as creative coordinator, emphasising sustainability and community development, I’m involved in finding creative solutions to the twin phenomena of a shrinking creative purse and a globalised focus. It’s challenging but still possible to make a difference. Read my bit on Arts in Action, Eating Big Fish.”



Robyn Gibson  Gallery Curator & Technician


Robyn oversees all exhibitions in the galleries. She offers advice to artists in regard to pricing and other issues that may arise to do with the overall display of their work. Robyn is also an artist, you can view her work here.

Jermaine Reihana – Kaitakawaenga Māori (Māori Liaison)


“I’ve had the privilege of being brought up on an urban Marae in a total emersion Māori school where we were entrusted with the revitalisation of Te Reo Māori.


My role with the Depot whānau enables a platform for me to share and facilitate the use of Te Reo Māori which is contextualised by tikanga and deepens our understanding of an intrinsic Māori world view as New Zealanders.”

Vikki Edwards (Programme Administrator), Teesh Sazbo and Sam Standley (CFareer Consultants), the new ArtsLab team


Teesh Szabo

Hi Teesh here. I joined the Depot Art Space back in November and enjoying the chance to meet and work with some amazingly talented individuals every day. Pulling on my careers background, I love the opportunity to help guide other creatives into employment through the ArtsLab programme.
With a crazy portfolio career that has a large creative focus, you would look at my car and think I live in it! When I am not at the Depot you will likely catch me rushing from one engagement to another working with our top NZ Ice Skaters, choreographing many of the Musicals you see in town, or putting my Performing Arts Educator hat on for Musical Theatre NZ, Junior Theatre NZ and Star Jam… oh and hanging with my fur babies !


Sam Standley

Having had a diverse and non-linear approach to work over many years, I have now been working as a career coach for the last 10 years – following a visit to a career consultant when I myself was at a crossroads. I loved the process I went through and felt that my eclectic approach to life and career was finally able to be appreciated!
Since then I have loved working with a range of people from the tertiary education sector, numerous industries and as a private consultant. With a passion for supporting people through change and into work that is meaningful to them, I am now excited to have joined the amazing, welcoming whanau at The Depot to support our creatives towards gainful employment while at the same time pursuing their creative goals.


Vikki Edwards

I have been with the Depot for a couple of months now, I’m not really sure of my job title as it seems to be evolving day by day! I do the accounts and am also the coordinator for the ArtsLab programme which I love as it is a lot more interesting than numbers!

Auckland is my home, I was born here, grew up in East Auckland but have lived in Devonport for most of my life now with a few years in Fiji.

I did warn Lynn in my interview that I don’t have a creative bone in my body but I love working with all these amazing people who do. It is a very cool place to work with something different happening every day.


Lynn Lawton  Depot Artspace Manager & Careers Lab Consultant



“I joined the Depot in 2003 working initially in the PACE programme as a mentor and employment facilitator for artists. This amazing creative and supportive place has provided me with opportunity to develop professionally, take on new responsibilities and gain an ever expanding appreciation for the arts and our cultural heritage.


Today my role as manager of the Depot’s overall operation is to support our team across all the creative initiatives, programmes and services we provide and to keep the organisational wheels turning smoothly.”


Tracey Kitchingman– Gallery Manager



“Hello! My name is Tracey Kitchingman, and I am the Gallery Manager at the Depot Artspace.

I have just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland, majoring in Art History and Sociology.  Having worked in various roles in art/dealership galleries and museums, I am thrilled to be working at the Depot Artspace alongside such a collaborative, unique and community minded organisation.  I look forward to meeting everyone!”

Erwin van Asbeck  –  Creative Development Consultant



Kia ora. It is wonderful to be part of a new team and the exciting developments at Depot Artspace.


My role intersects working as part of ArtsLab providing creative development support for clients, and in the development of ‘Revolution Creative’. This inspiring interactive digital platform aims to enhance employment opportunities and potential between creatives/artists and business to flourish and build a more supportive engaged and interconnected creative economy.


I have been working in NGO community mental health, education and arts for 30 years and thrilled to be now working alongside the Depot whanau to help facilitate this new endeavour. Love the added bonus of being close to the sea again, as was my life in what seems like a previous lifetime ago. For now my watery pursuits rests with the occasional jaunt rowing “Joan” our Dory, with my partner Charlotte Fisher, and previously when somewhat younger, our son Miro. We like rowing to places like Motukorea (Browns Island) or Rangitoto, to inevitably collect rubbish and haul it back …. dogged perseverance goes a long way in my career and recreational pursuits.






Morgan Allen – Depot Sound Engineer & Producer



“After many years recording and volunteering at Depot Sound as a teenager, I’ve been happy to call the recording studio home for the past three years. My job is always changing and includes a mix of recording bands, voiceovers, producing for solo artists and mixing and mastering.


I’ve had the pleasure of performing as a musician in a number of bands over the past ten years and am deeply passionate about bringing the joy of live performance into the recording studio.”

Lily Richards – Revolution Creative Relationship Engagement and Marketing Lead



Hello, I’m Lily.


With a background in design, marketing and digital project management I’ve found a new home as Relationship Engagement and Marketing Lead for Revolution Creative.


It’s an absolute privilege to be on the ground helping to roll out a website which is set to democratise the way creatives find work in New Zealand and how businesses engage with creative solutions.


Having lived in Devonport most of my life, the opportunity to actually work in the village is a huge delight. I often find myself wandering through the gallery on the polished concrete floors, surrounded by art thinking to myself ‘how did I get to be so lucky’? I’m also tempted to take a flamboyant twirl, but I’ve yet to give in to that urge.


The team at Depot ArtSpace (the birth parents of Revolution Creative) walk the talk; they’re behind, in front and to the side of creativity in its every flourish. They genuinely care about artist endeavour. They’re activists and advocates – two words we debated the difference between in a convivial meeting just recently.


When other outfits feel happy to try, Depot ArtSpace isn’t happy unless it’s doing.


I’ve been granted a great team to work with – Erwin and James – who between them have huge cultural reach and major digital skills.



Together we are working avidly to bring you the revolutionised way of finding creative work in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Keep an eye out for it.


James Taylor – Digital Operations and Social Media




Hi, I’m James.

I am the digital operations contractor here at Depot. My role involves any sort of digital communications, social media, website maintenance, website development and input into projects run by the Depot that will be digitally present. It’s a diverse role and requires me to be involved with everyone in the building, I love it and am very fortunate to be working with such a great team of vibrant and creative individuals.


I’m a qualified molecular biologist, having graduated from the University of Otago in 2014 with a BSc in Plant Biotechnology and a BSc(Hons) in molecular biology in 2015. I was fortunate to be offered an internship to do some further research but when the money dried up, so did my job. So off into the world I went, staring straight into the headlights. I landed a job as a laboratory technician at AsureQuality which quickly revealed itself as a zero progression, expendable role. I was unhappy with that and decided to change tack completely and study Programming and Web Development for 6 months in a crash course style programme at the University of Auckland in early 2018.


My current relationship with Depot is through a contract I was offered to manage digital operations. Part of which, involves the digital management and social roll out of Revolution Creative along side Lily Richards. This project is awesome and I could not be happier to be a part of it. I personally resonate with the ethos of the whole projects as I was, not too long ago, a young creative in a position where I would have appreciated a targeted source of potential work to engage with. Revolution Creative isn’t just about work, it’s about community, it’s about empowering young creatives and most importantly it’s about opportunities for ALL creatives.


Akshay Morrison Raju is the latest addition to the Depot Sound Team as part of the NZ music commission’s new music industry internship programme.


Akshay has recently completed his Bachelors of Recording Arts at SAE institute and brings a wealth of musical experience to Depot Sound. Outside of the studio he’s busy playing with his band Keith, teaching piano and working as a music production tutor for high school students.

Emelia Lake  – Media & Promotions 



Hi! I’m Emelia. I am the Media and Promotions Coordinator for The Depot Artspace. 

After studying a creative writing degree, I spent five years working in the journalism industry before finally becoming a part of the Depot Artspace family.

Community is of vital importance to me, and this my job allows me to work in an environment where sense of community is thriving .

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”

– Maya Angelou

Mia – Gallery Griffin

Introducing Mia, our resident Griffin.  Linda’s (our fabulous Creative Director) permanent shadow, Mia plays many a role here at the Depot; Guardian of the Gallery, welcome host, security attendant, gallery assistant and all round good girl.

Mia has been a part of the Depot since its early beginnings, and is a regular fixture at our many openings and events where only her best pearls come out.

Mia has seen the many changes at the Depot and continues to be a constant fixture in the ever-changing art community within Devonport.

Woof, woof x