Research and Innovation

Research and innovation have been at the core of Depot Artspace prior to and since its establishment as a creative community in 1996. The Depot did not grow out of a vacuum but from research-based recognition that creativity requires a targeted focus and locus.

All subsequent innovations undertaken by the Depot also have their origins in research; research methodology is itself creative and its outcomes facilitate new forms that most effectively meet identified needs. Innovation flourishes under these circumstances; when dynamic research meets a culture that embraces novelty and a diversity of ideas.

From its inception as a multidisciplinary creative hub projects continue to emerge as we translate research findings into opportunities that actively support the presence, profile and sustainability of the creative sector. We also reference and critique other research as it relates to and give additional substance to the initiatives we are ourselves researching or undertaking.

Our timeline of innovations indicates that well designed research, effective analysis and robust processes of implementation and evaluation provide a sustainable infrastructure for the creative sector.