Linda Blincko  Depot Artspace Creative Director

Linda’s role is to support the sustainability of the Depot Artspace, to help creative ideas find form and creative projects gain resources. Her abiding passion is the development of creative internships which she believes will strengthen the creative sector and enable creatives to find rewarding work for which they have been trained.


Robyn Gibson  Gallery Curator & Techician

Robyn oversees all exhibitions in the galleries. She offers advice to artists in regard to pricing and other issues that may arise to do with the overall display of their work. Robyn is also an artist, you can view her work here.

Jermaine Reihana – Māori Liaison

Jermaine provides a necessary Māori perspective to the Depot Artspace, and educates and informs us about tikanga Maori.

Lynn Lawton  Depot Artspace Manager & Careers Lab Consultant


As manager, Lynn overseas the day to day operations of the Depot Artspace’s galleries, programmes, and studios. Lynn consults and mentors creative practitioners by supporting them to achieve their goals. He has worked with the Depot Artspace Creative Director, Linda Blincko, to develop exhibitions, programmes, workshops, internships, and apprenticeships across New Zealand’s creative sectors.


Jamie McEwan  Careers Lab Manager

Jamie connects with creative practitioners to guide and accelerate them towards achieving their goals, from those wanting to generate income with their creative work to those looking to find a pathway towards personal progress. In addition to supporting and empowering creatives, Jamie is also engaged with the Depot Artspace’s many creative projects and dabbles in original music production.

Lila Pulsford – Careers Lab Consultant

Through listening to clients’ career stories, Lila works to amplify clients’ self-awareness and then assists them to design a future for themselves through realistic and manageable steps. Lila has a background in the tertiary education sector, helping new graduates with their job search strategies. Lila is also a yoga-believer and avid reader.

Dave Rhodes  Depot Sound Studio Manager


Dave is the Depot Sound Recording Studio Manager and head engineer. Dave records and mixes music for bands, solo artists and other audio projects.


Morgan Allen – Depot Sound Engineer


After volunteering with the Depot Sound Recording Studio for four years, Morgan has now come onboard for two days a week, to assist with a variety of projects.