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We live in a fractured and fragmented society where disparities between prosperity and well-being are increasingly evident, where our planet and its natural resources are under threat and where a globalised environment alienates us from a sense of place, belonging and identity.

The arts provide an independent forum and medium through which it is possible to analyse and address issues of concern to humanity and our planet, and in doing so, to celebrate our power to act and to speak out. The arts are a final bastion of freedom.

Arts in Action is created by Depot Artspace, an open and inclusive creative community in Devonport, Auckland.

Arts in Action: The transformative power of creative leadership

Inspiring creative leadership has the capacity to transform a workplace, a community, a region or…

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Walking, one sense at a time #smell

Our latest addition to Arts in Action is a piece by Iryna Zamuruieva that we received…

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Standing the test of time and integrity: PACE/ArtsLab

Well-known and widely quoted politicians are often haunted by a past of broken promises which…

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Missing the Mark: The choice of locations for sculptures honouring women’s suffrage in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This year, 2018, marks the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. While Council…

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He Oranga Pumau: The campaign for Rongoa Māori (Māori Health Practice) in the health system

On Saturday (6.5.18) I was privileged to attend, in the packed Rawene Town Hall, the…

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The continuing Auckland University Library debacle: Why it’s such an important debate

Since the shocking announcement last month that Auckland University was about to burn books in…

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Reflections on the implications of size: Pt 1 Small is Beautiful

Why is small beautiful when everything promoted as powerful, spectacular and worthy of respect in…

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Save the Arts, Our Last Bastion of Freedom

The Depot has a sibling arts centre in Rawene, comprising gallery, café and bookstore, Erewhon…

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Eating Big Fish

In the giant ocean small fish swim more safely in schools. There is no desire…

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Liberation Arts and its place in Peace Making

Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about…

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Liberation Arts and the Creative Revolution

“The essence of a revolution is the direct intervention of the masses in the political…

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A Small Word

  Art – such a small word; unprepossessing, uninspiring even. If you repeat it over and…

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