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We live in a fractured and fragmented society where disparities between prosperity and well-being are increasingly evident, where our planet and its natural resources are under threat and where a globalised environment alienates us from a sense of place, belonging and identity.

The arts provide an independent forum and medium through which it is possible to analyse and address issues of concern to humanity and our planet, and in doing so, to celebrate our power to act and to speak out. The arts are a final bastion of freedom.

Arts in Action is created by Depot Artspace, an open and inclusive creative community in Devonport, Auckland.

Arts In Action: Various Peregrinations

This essay by Linda Blincko explores the various dimensions of the Arts in Action. "At…

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LOUD #71: Arts in Action – Now Available Online!

    LOUD #71 Arts in Action is now available to read online. Featuring news,…

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Presentation to Devonport-Takapuna Local Board (March 2018)

Today Depot Artspace provided input to the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board priorities.  We had the opportunity…

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NZ Herald Letter to the Editor – Youth Suicide Awareness

In February this year we launched The Roaring Silence, a book about suicide awareness, comprising of contributions…

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