Matariki Art-39

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Colourful artist, Tracey Williams, is based in the Hokianga but currently travelling around the North Island in her bus, accompanied by her cat and a swag of vibrant eye-popping paintings, some of which pay homage to Frida Kahlo but which celebrate life in general in Aotearoa.

Jennifer Huebert – Sea Habitué: Adventures in freediving

This body of work captures split seconds in the experiences of freediving and snorkelling, engaging the viewer by drawing them close with intricate textures and patterns. These works express the wonders of the ocean, prompting people to think about their understanding of marine life. Each piece is a linocut that has been hand printed using water- or oil-based ink on paper.


Depot Gallery

The Depot Gallery offers a variety of spatial configurations creating the capacity to support large bodies of solo work and group exhibitions.