Depot Galleries

The galleries have been the face of Depot Artspace since its establishment in 1996, embodying the sense of community or turangawaewae we have always considered is its guiding principle. The Depot is not just a venue but a community, committed to supporting artists and to engaging a wide audience in Aotearoa New Zealand’s contemporary art through exhibitions, artists’ talks and conversations, cross-disciplinary and collaborative events and other artist-initiated activities. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this community as it celebrates and showcases the infinite forms of creativity in a local and socially conscious context.

Over the years the galleries have continually undergone change as a considered response to the evolving art world, both local and international. Our commitment is to make exhibiting accessible to artists and to develop diverse, engaging and enjoyable experiences for our audience.


“The Painter and the Emperor” Revisited

In 1978, Ngaire Mules, Kate Hill and Janelle Aston produced a 25 minute videotape, as part of a course run by Philip Dadson, at Elam School of Fine Arts. The aim of the video, which was made using a Sony portapack with a hand-held camera, was to examine women’s attitudes towards combining motherhood with their practice as an artist.

Of the 18 women who were interviewed at the time, the following artists have since agreed to contribute works to this exhibition: Gretchen Albrecht; Philippa Blair; Marion Chasteau; Jill Evans; Christine Hansen; Lesley Kaiser; Belinda Weir; Glenda Randerson; Andrea Robinson and Barbara Tuck. Kate Hill and Ngaire Mules will also display some early and later works. Sculptures by Alison Duff (1914 – 2000) have been kindly loaned by her daughter, Josh Salter.


Depot Gallery

The Depot Gallery offers a variety of spatial configurations creating the capacity to support large bodies of solo work and group exhibitions.