Depot Galleries

The galleries have been the face of Depot Artspace since its establishment in 1996, embodying the sense of community or turangawaewae we have always considered is its guiding principle. The Depot is not just a venue but a community, committed to supporting artists and to engaging a wide audience in Aotearoa New Zealand’s contemporary art through exhibitions, artists’ talks and conversations, cross-disciplinary and collaborative events and other artist-initiated activities. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this community as it celebrates and showcases the infinite forms of creativity in a local and socially conscious context.

Over the years the galleries have continually undergone change as a considered response to the evolving art world, both local and international. Our commitment is to make exhibiting accessible to artists and to develop diverse, engaging and enjoyable experiences for our audience.


Brenda Liddiard – At Times Like These: The Artist Collective is a Lifeline

Ten Last Strokes, the artist collective to which Brenda belongs, has become a vital connection point, both artistically and personally, for all its members. During the last 12 months, with a number of the members classified as part of the 'vulnerable' population, they have become even more aware of personal needs.

In this series of portraits and photographs Brenda seeks to capture something of the atmosphere created when the group meet and work together, and to introduce the special women involved.



Colourful artist, Tracey Williams, is based in the Hokianga but currently travelling around the North Island in her bus, accompanied by her cat and a swag of vibrant eye-popping paintings, some of which pay homage to Frida Kahlo but which celebrate life in general in Aotearoa.

Depot Gallery

The Depot Gallery offers a variety of spatial configurations creating the capacity to support large bodies of solo work and group exhibitions.