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Hapori: Members Show 2022

August 6 @ 10:00 am August 31 @ 4:00 pm

Hapori: Members Show 2022

6 – 31 August 2022

Central Gallery Space, Depot Artspace


Depot Artspace is seeking entries to its annual members show in August this year, titled Hapori (community) to signify the embrace of our immediate and extended collective of creative individuals. Each year brings an exciting array of various media, styles, subject matter and personality.

We welcome up to two well-presented, good quality, and easily handled works of all mediums, with a price cap of $500 (which includes the 30% gallery commission). 

All works will be available for visitors to purchase. This is an accessible opportunity for first-time exhibitors and established practitioners alike. 

Our size restriction for this year is A3 dimensions (297 x 420 mm), or 16 x 16 inches (406.4 x 406.4mm) if you are going for a square format. If your work is 3-dimensional and you’re not sure if it fits this size restriction, please check out our FAQ section below. 

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ’s below or email


Registration is only open to Depot Artspace Members.

To become a member of Depot Artspace, click here.

You can pay handling fees ($10 per work submitted) online via direct deposit (account # 12 3015 0013510 00); please place your last name and the word “members” in the reference section.

When you are ready to register, please read these guidelines carefully and fill out this form. It will ask for title, medium, dimensions, price, a photograph of your work/s, and your bank account for processing sales.

Registration forms must be filled out prior to physically submitting your work.

If you would prefer to fill out a form in person rather than online, please allow time to submit your work before the deadline and add labels to your work/s, as it can be difficult to identify unphotographed work from a form alone. Works will not be accepted outside the specified submission dates. Following these guidelines allows our small team to process entries efficiently to everyone’s benefit.

Submission dates: during gallery hours, between Saturday 16th July – Wednesday 3rd August. 

Current gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10AM to 4PM

Closed on Sunday and Monday.


For Members seeking inspiration in the lead-up to Hapori, here is something to get the juices flowing:

When you think of hapori, or community, what comes to mind? Is it your wider network of peers or your close whānau? The suburb you live in? The things you miss when travelling? Perhaps it is a community of individuals who share a niche interest or personal experience with you, whether this is a local ceramic group or online mutuals from the other side of the globe.


Is this exhibition for Depot members only?

Yes, but we have recently removed membership fees so that anyone can sign up and participate. You can become a member easily by completing the online form, or visit us during gallery hours to fill one out in person. 

If it’s free to be a member, why do I have to pay to enter the exhibition and why is there a commission?

We still have handling fees at $10 per artwork for the Members Show and our usual gallery commission on works sold (30%). A lot of mahi goes into each exhibition, and the accumulation of these fees helps us to keep our doors open each year and remain a not-for-profit organisation. We appreciate your support of our kaupapa each year.

I’m a sculptor/installation/sound artist. Is this show only for artists working in 2-dimensions?

We welcome 3-dimensional works such as sculpture, ceramics, glass, weaving etc.,  though we do have a size restriction to ensure everyone’s work can fit in our space comfortably. If you’re not sure whether your 3-D artworks fit our size requirements, you are welcome to email images to or drop in with your works prior to filling out the registration form. Please make time to do so before the submission deadline so that we can take the time to chat with you.

I’m not sure if my work is good enough to be exhibited in a gallery, do you accept all entries to the members show?

The annual members show is an un-curated exhibition, which means anyone can enter 1 – 2 works per person. We will accept your work so long as it meets our size restriction (i.e. no oversized or excessively heavy works) and is not wet, warped, damaged or prone to breakage, and it is your original work. If you’re having trouble deciding if your work is of a saleable standard, try asking yourself if you would be proud to gift it to somebody in its current condition.

Can I submit existing work, or does it have to be newly created?

Older work is accepted, as long as we have not exhibited it before and it is not damaged, noticeably aged, or prone to damage due to age.

I don’t like technology, can I come to the gallery and fill out a form instead?

Certainly, we will have forms at the front desk. Please ensure you label the work you are submitting if this is the case, as we have a hard time identifying works from paperwork alone. 

Please also come ready to fill out the following: title, medium, price, dimensions, and importantly also your bank account number and name. This ensures our small team can process sales at the end of the exhibition promptly.

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