Martin Law Painter of Paradise – Devonport, Architecture of Land & Sea

Martin Law, Painter of Paradise, presents paintings of Devonport, architectural perspectives and the maunga, the sea and the land. The wide and open skies in many of the paintings is intentional, as we lift our gaze from the streets and the architecture, to consider the proximate foreground and skyward views. From Takarunga/Mt Victoria and Maungauika/North Head to the beaches fringing the land, colours of the skies are blended to abstract cubes in the style that Martin presents, as a backdrop and also loving accompaniment to the architecture below.


Akiko Diegel: the day before tomorrow

Auckland based Japanese artist exhibits highly detailed hand-drawn pieces which reflects on her re-positioning from being the 'consumer' to the 'creator'; in relation to the consumption of everyday life that surrounds us.

Vivienne Lingard – Book Lauch

Hutt Valley-born author Vivienne Lingard describes the origins of her book The (almost) True Story of a Man Called Jack; from a brief discussion with her daughter, to the development of a narrative about her father and family in the Hutt Valley through the 1950s and 60s.

ROUND-A-BOUT: ArtsLab Exhibition

3 unique emerging young visual artists from ArtsLab put together a group exhibition in Depot Artspace

Robyn Gibson – Vacuum Cleaners & other Exciting things

New works by Robyn Gibson: The often familiar subjects in Robyn's works form a narrative about everything. Life, Challenging experiences, consumerism and survival skills. Dissected ideas and influences drive the vehicle that consistently develops these concepts. 

John Horner – Plein Air & More

This exhibition, Plein Air & More, is a series of Plein Air (painted in the outdoors) works done in the Auckland district in the last year by artist John Horner, who was an artist in the Karekare residency, a senior lecturer at Whitecliffe and student of Colin McCahon. See event details for live demos & Plein Air demo/tour dates & times.

Celia Walker – Walking Distance

This installation traces the many paths and places within walking distance of home, with the altered perspective of physical distancing and restricted travel of these current times. "The series of 49 tiny lockdown prints was created as a way of focusing my attention away from the anxiety of news and current events onto the narrow view of daily walks, and the rest of the installation has evolved from these small notations into larger works." - Celia Walker

Sayed Ali Karam Jawhary: To Be One In Heart

Depot Artspace 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland

Original Persian calligraphy by refugee artist. Opening Saturday 28th March 2pm at Depot Artspace Gallery.

Christmas Pocket Pop-Up Exhibition

From Saturday November 28th (Opening 10 – 4:00pm) to Wednesday 16th December we’re celebrating Christmas with our very special annual Depot Artspace Christmas Pocket Pop-Up featuring local art, craft and design, everything under $200.


Sefton Rani – Industrial Tapa

*Due to the extended level 3 lockdown, Sefton's planned exhibition opening will be cancelled. Depot Artspace will also be closed until August 26th. Watch this space *Final Dates TBC* Sefton Rani's work involves the concept of “urban tapa” which is taking the traditional form of tapa and reenergising it with modern materials, methods and motifs that reflect the contemporary environment we live in. His work is primarily created with the use of paint skins where paint is applied on
glass or plastic and when dry, peeled off and collaged to form layers that represent time and the history of the object or surface.