RANGONA: SENTIENCE – Matariki Exhibition

In this group exhibition we develop the theme of Matariki through contemporary painting, installation, carving and sculpture which celebrates the sentience of our environment at this time.

Sex workers of Aotearoa

This exhibition features works from over 20 artists who work in the sex industry in New Zealand with the theme: ‘A day in the life of...’

Sefton Rani – Industrial Tapa

Sefton Rani's work involves the concept of “urban tapa” which is taking the traditional form of tapa and reenergising it with modern materials, methods and motifs that reflect the contemporary environment we live in. His work is primarily created with the use of paint skins where paint is applied on
glass or plastic and when dry, peeled off and collaged to form layers that represent time and the history of the object or surface.

Sayed Ali Karam Jawhary: To Be One In Heart

Depot Artspace 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland

Original Persian calligraphy by refugee artist. Opening Saturday 28th March 2pm at Depot Artspace Gallery.

Akiko Diegel: The day before tomorrow

Auckland based Japanese artist exhibits highly detailed hand-drawn pieces which reflects on her re-positioning from being the 'consumer' to the 'creator'; in relation to the consumption of everyday life that surrounds us.

Cristina Beth & Nadine Carr – Beneath the Sheets

Cristina Beth and Nadene Carr are responding firstly to the worn fabrics from discarded mattresses and secondly to each-others work. This ideology links to what has occurred and how to rebuild and mend the past to heal the future. (New dates to be announced! Watch this space.)