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POSTPONED Abbie Twiss – Monochromes

***Postponed due to Covid19 Lockdown. Keep an eye out on our social media for any updates.***

This is Abbie Twiss’ first exhibition without colour, incorporating a range of early work and recent editions that sit on the periphery of her vibrant Pop Art-inspired practice.
Painted vignettes of early memories are reduced to a monochromatic palette here, like recollections in the mind’s eye that alter as the decades pass. Far from fading from view however, while the insignificant details of Abbie Twiss’ memories fall away, the key forms and emotions of a memory emerge in black and white.


POSTPONED Bobbie Gray – Insignificant Other

Depot Artspace 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland

Insignificant Other brings everyday life into art through magnifying borer ‘galleries’ found in the native timber floors of the artist’s home.

Poised between sculpture and painting, these hand-routed, human-scale engravings are traces of the vast, yet complex realities that lie beneath the surface of our own existence. The works read as abstract paintings, yet the mark making delves beneath the surface, revealing physical depth. The lines left are evidence of life lived, in parallel with our own.


PulseArt – Over my Shoulder.

This exhibition is a glance into what has been and could still be for each of us. As artists we approach this subject through painting and collage to reflect on and recreate our personal visual narratives. 

Fran Marno, Beth Hudson, Sue Vincent Marshall and Cathy Head make up the PulseArt collective.


Sampler – Depot Artspace Members Show

Depot Artspace extends an invitation to all Members to present works for Sampler, an exhibition of small works showcasing each artist’s unique abilities and style.


Rhea Maheshwari – Ethereal Cosmography

This project explores geometric abstraction as a method to frame transcendental ideas. Rhea’s drawings emerge from literal guide-lines made from a particular combination of horizontal and vertical ruled pencil lines which guide a viewer’s eyes up, down and across the picture plane.