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Kia ora whanau and friends, With the move to the Red COVID-19 Protection Framework,
please note Depot Artspace remains OPEN from 10am - 4pm daily, Tuesday - Saturday.
For more information or any questions please email or call 09 9632331

Summer Shimizu – Organic Wallpaper

Organic Wallpaper reconsiders beliefs about water conservation efforts. Often we think of conservation actions as respecting the planet, but our real motivation is to continue to use natural resources to our advantage. The natural world can be beautiful but at the same time ferocious and frightening. Humans have created various laws in order to minimise the cruelty for us, but in reality the natural world is cruel. Nature can be left alone to follow its own natural order. Mother Nature clearly breathed well during the first quarter of 2020. However, in reality, a more balanced approach is required in the long run. “How can we accept that our existence depends on the sacrifices of other living beings?”


TSU – 6. (The Sky That Lights Upon Us)

6. (The Sky That Lights Upon Us) represents a mirror-like existence of our hearts. We pray and breathe together. Even if our physical appearance looks different, our minds can gradually overlap. Perhaps, the time we look up at the sky will be extended more. 6. (The Sky That Lights Upon Us) can become our home where we let our hearts rest.


“The Painter and the Emperor” Revisited

In 1978, Ngaire Mules, Kate Hill and Janelle Aston produced a 25 minute videotape, as part of a course run by Philip Dadson, at Elam School of Fine Arts. The aim of the video, which was made using a Sony portapack with a hand-held camera, was to examine women’s attitudes towards combining motherhood with their practice as an artist.

Of the 18 women who were interviewed at the time, the following artists have since agreed to contribute works to this exhibition: Gretchen Albrecht; Philippa Blair; Marion Chasteau; Jill Evans; Christine Hansen; Lesley Kaiser; Belinda Weir; Glenda Randerson; Andrea Robinson and Barbara Tuck. Kate Hill and Ngaire Mules will also display some early and later works. Sculptures by Alison Duff (1914 – 2000) have been kindly loaned by her daughter, Josh Salter.


ONLINE Cath Cocker – Enlightenment and other catastrophes

*** Please visit to view the exhibition online due to the recent lockdown ***

Cath Cocker’s works are suggestive of the bible’s role as a tool in the so-called “civilising missions” of the 19th century. Through allegory, Cocker argues that Enlightenment ideals, nationalism, and Christian doctrine jointly acted as justification for the colonisation of the Pacific Islands and parts of the British Isles.


ONLINE Abhi Chinniah – A Migrant’s Path

*** Please visit to view the exhibition online due to the recent lockdown ***

Look at the journey one takes settling abroad, away from the notion of home and in search of belonging. Auckland photographer, Abhi Chinniah draws from her lived experiences to tell the stories of migrant women of colour. With poetry by published author Sudha Rao, and music by Karnan Saba this must-see photographic exhibition delves into the beauty of tradition, heritage and what it means to be a migrant in Aotearoa.


PulseArt – Over my Shoulder.

This exhibition is a glance into what has been and could still be for each of us. As artists we approach this subject through painting and collage to reflect on and recreate our personal visual narratives. 

Fran Marno, Beth Hudson, Sue Vincent Marshall and Cathy Head make up the PulseArt collective.


Collage Workshop with Naomi Azoulay – Online

Don't miss this opportunity to experiment with collage using powerful portraits from current exhibitor Abhi Chinniah's private collection to create an unique and stunning piece of art.


Lockdown Art Competition

Simply post one of your recent artwork/photograph/design on Instagram or Facebook with the #DepotArtspaceGallery hashtag by 25 Oct for a chance to be featured & win free Depot membership and exhibit at our upcoming member's show for free! 


Linda Gair – Conflict of Interest

In this body of work Linda Gair has sought to express some of her opinions regarding several topical issues we are facing today in Aotearoa New Zealand, particularly in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.


Sampler – Depot Artspace Members Show

Depot Artspace extends an invitation to all Members to present works for Sampler, an exhibition of small works showcasing each artist’s unique abilities and style.


Rhea Maheshwari – Ethereal Cosmography

This project explores geometric abstraction as a method to frame transcendental ideas. Rhea’s drawings emerge from literal guide-lines made from a particular combination of horizontal and vertical ruled pencil lines which guide a viewer’s eyes up, down and across the picture plane.

R. Gibson – Worshipping the Product

Gibson's new works look at product worship, consumer behaviour, and contrived marketing environments in the perfect world of need and seduction. The artist explores manufactured entrapment and the sparkling delight of products and consumables that seduce us with a calculated appeal that we cannot bring ourselves to deny.

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