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Sustainable Career Making

WayFind Creative is here to help you identify and test ideas for your future while developing a mind-set that will ensure you succeed. Tell your story and connect with other creatives and explore changing self-limiting habits. Take yourself on a journey of discovery and new opportunities.

What is Wayfind Creative?

Wayfind Creative is an exciting new programme for creatives who are looking to take control of their careers and create a financially viable, sustainable and deeply rewarding career.

The programme is designed to help you build the non-creative skills required for a future-proof career in the creative sector so that you can thrive, not just survive.

Our goal is to empower you to become a more experienced problem solver, capable of directing the course of your own life and build a sustainable future.

To get you there, here are some examples of what we can support you to do:

  • Develop a business plan for your creative project
  • Expand your reach through social media
  • Connect with mentors and professionals in your creative industry
  • Develop a personal development plan to ensure you meet your goals
  • Apply for funding/grants

When you engage with Wayfind Creative, YOU lead the way. You decide what level of support suits you best. We can provide you with a space to connect or a series of intensive workshops, we take your needs with our 20 years of experience working in this sector to strengthen your foundations, explore new paths, road-test possible futures, and create a better future.

So, who is this for?

This programme is perfect for those of you who have a tertiary qualification in your creative sector or have paid work experience in your field, but are struggling to make a living from your creative work.

  • Be between the ages of 18-64 years
  • Live in Auckland
  • Have either a recognised creative tertiary qualification or relevant experience in a creative field
  • You may:
    • Be seeking employment in the creative sector
    • Or have lost employment/self-employment income due to Covid-19
    • Or looking for support to develop business/marketing/other skills to develop a sustainable career in the creative sector
  • You may/may not be receiving Work and Income payments – full or supplementary benefit

How do I apply?

If this programme speaks to you, register below to receive application forms.

What Should I Expect?

Step one: Fill out and return the application forms (register below to receive these). This will help us determine eligibility for the programme. The application involves:

  • A short online survey
  • Filling out a downloadable creative profile form

Step two: You will receive a phone call within 48 hours regarding the outcome of your application.

Step three: If you are eligible you will meet with one of our Creative Career Consultants. During this meeting we work with you to:

  • Refine and clarify your main career goal(s) and needs
  • Create a collaborative agreed Personal Development Plan. This maps out what support is required by who and when, identifies barriers and strategies for progress, agreed actions and activities you will complete to achieve your goal(s).

Step four: Over the programme duration (with a maximum of nine months), we will work with you to measure and continually refine your goals to ensure you are progressing your creative practice and achieving your Personal Development Plan.

Step five: Develop an Exit Plan that details what post programme support would look like to monitor progress and provide guidance and support so you can leave the programme confident of your next steps.

We offer you up to three months of light support once you have finished on the programme.

Lastly, you will be invited to complete a survey giving us feedback on your time on the programme to ensure you have a voice in the ongoing development of the services we offer.

Step six: Thrive! Using your newfound tools and connections you will continue to independently define and surpass your own creative/work goals, creating for yourself a sustainable, healthy, balanced future.

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